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1. Manufacturing of continuous caster rolls, hardfacing and refurbishing of the welding surface of the rolls by welding.


We manufacture component parts and segments of continuous casting machines produced by SIEMENS-VAI (Austria), SMS-DEMAG (Germany), Daniely (Italy).
We also manufacture assembled rolls and component parts: bands, bearing supports, bearing cap rings, (rotary) swivels.

We manufacture and refurbish rolls of radial, bow and horizontal segments of continuous casting machines. The rolls are manufactured of heat-resistant steel, hardness of the body is 197-269HB. The working surface of the roll is hardfaced by nitrogenated materials, the material hardness is 44-47HRC.

Advanced technologies and high quality welding materials are used at hardfacing process, this helps to avoid net shaped roll marks, to reduce mechanical wear and corrosion wear. The output of cast metal produced in overhaul period exceeds 500 000tons at the vertical part of continuous casting machine and it is up to 5mln. tons at the horizontal part. The working surface of the rolls is resistant to hydrofluoric acid. Due to specific design and mechanical properties the service life of such rolls exceeds the service life of rolls of common design 5 times as much. The total lifetime of Segment no.3 (set with the rolls made by Autospecmach Ltd.) of CCM no.5 installed at iron-and-steel company Severstal comes to more than 3000heats. The lifetime rolls without hardfacing comes to 600-800heats.


30.07.2003 Set of rolls, segment 3, CCM no.5 (bottom part). Max. wear-limit of the roll is 0.18mm 30.07.2003 Set of rolls, segment 3, CCM no.5 (upper part). The surface of the roll no.1 (left) after 2 300 heats.  
Diameter of the barrel, mm 380, 370, 310, 300, 270, 260, 256, 226, 180, 140
Length of the barrel, mm Up to 2500
Set of rolls, segments 3-4, CCM , OJSC «Mechel«  

2. Refurbishing and hardfacing of forming rolls

Our company refurbishes:

2.1. Hot-rolling mill rolls made of steel grade 9ХФ, СПХН. The medium-carbon chromium materials with hardness of the working surface equal to 53-57HRC are used for hardfacing. Due to this technology the lifetime of rolls increases 4.5 times as much.

"Scrapped hot rolling mill rolls before machining for welding"  

2.2. Cold-rolling mill rolls made of steel grade 9Х, 9ХФ. The hardfacing is carried out with high-carbon chromium materials, the hardness of the working surface is 58-62 HRC. Due to this technology the lifetime of rolls is 2.5 times increased.

The roll on the welding machine SDA621 B/D2-trak before welding of the buffer layer.
The roll on the welding machine during welding  

Welded and machined rolls before installation into a cold-rolling mill

3.Refurbishing of sheet-rolling mill rolls and profile shaping rolls, hardfacing of the working surface by welding

Our company refurbishes:

3.1. Sheet straightening machine rolls made of steel grade 9X. The hardfacing of the working surface is carried out with high-carbon chromium materials, the hardness of the working surface is 58-62HRC.

3.2. Profile-bending machine rolls made of steel grade 9X. The hardfacing of the working surface is carried out with high-carbon chromium materials, the hardness of the working surface is 58-62HRC.


3.3. Rolls for coil winding equipment and sheet working machines. The working surface is hardfaced with nitrogen-containing austenitic materials with the hardness of 44-47 HRC.

4. Hardfacing of circular-shaped and flat surface of new parts

Hardfacing of sinter and coke production equipment, which works at normal and high (up to 1200°) temperatures and is subject to high abrasion wear.
"Hardfacing of sinter stars, fire bars and knives"  

"Hardfacing of replacable parts of disc and hammer crushers (of coke production equipment)"  

5. Reconstruction of geometry of used parts by welding

  • Refurbishing of roll shafts made of steel grade 9ХФ.


  • Refurbishing and repair of press-forging component parts dies of cold and hot forging, matrixes, hammer heads, etc.)


  • Refurbishing and hardfacing of feeding segments of hardware production

  • Refurbishing and hardfacing of rolls (including biconical ones) of roller tables of sheet rolling mill, blooming and pipe mills.


6. Other welding and cladding operations

  • Repair welding
  • Repair works at Customer’s site without demounting of the equipment
  • Refurbishing of cast iron component parts
  • Engineering and work material selection

7. Sleeving of rolls

The refurbishing of CCM bow and horizontal segment rolls by sleeving protects against net shaped roll marks on the surface of the roll barrel, and increases lifetime of the roll. Multiple repair of rolls by sleeving extends their lifetime many times and ensures 40% reduction of repair and maintenance costs compared to traditional methods of repair.
Our company produces rings, which are used for roll sleeving. The patent has been acquired for the technology of sleeving.

8. Manufacturing of rolls from forged pieces

Our company produces rolls from forged pieces as follows:

1. Hanging roll under the mould, rolls of 1 and 2 segments of CCM, made of steel grade 20x13, 38x2H2MA.
2. Rolls of radial bow and horizontal segments of vertical, radial slab and profile CCM, made of hot-work steel, hardness of the body is 197-269 HB.

9. Ring-rolling production

9.1. Rolled out ring-shaped blanks

External diameter, mm 250…800
Internal diameter, mm 200…590
Max. height, mm 200
Max. weight, kg 120

9.2. Types of cross-sections:

9.3. Application area of the blanks:
  • Bearing industry
  • Armature plants
  • Steel industry
  • Aggregate plants
  • Tractor works
  • Machine-building works
  • Motor works

10. Manufacturing of parts and component parts of valves and fittings

10.1. Bodies of disc locks (internal diameter 80-800)

10.2. Turning disc locks stamped (internal diameter 80-200, steel grade 20, 20x13, 12x18H10T)

10.3. Turning disc locks welded (internal diameter 250-800, steel grade 20, 20x13, 12x18H10T)

10.4. Spherical plugs for balls valves (internal diameter 50-100, steel grade 20, 20x13, 12x18H10T)

10.5. Valve bodies of various sizes

11. Manufacturing of semi-finished products and component parts of machines

11.1. Stamped blanks
We manufacture stamped blanks of various configurations which at most replicate the configuration of the finished product.

Max. overall dimensions, mm 200
Max. piece weight, kg 5

11.2. Forgings (open forging)
We manufacture forged pieces in the form of single and multiple diameter shafts, discs with/without holes, bars.

Forging Max. weight, kg
Shaft 70
Discs, bars 30

Cleaning of various component parts from slag and burrs is carried out in a shotblast unit.

11.3. Component parts for general machinery
Component parts of various degrees of complexity are manufactured and heat treatment and hardfacing is carried out.

Max. diameter, mm 1000
Max. length, mm 5000
Max. weight, kg 5000

11.4. Crane wheels, tram and locomotive wheel tires.
Max. diameter, mm 1000
Max. height, mm 400

12. Manufacturing of cable slings and chain slings. Removable load-lifting devices and their component parts

The manufacturing process is carried out on the special-purpose equipment. Test reports are issued for each type of products. With our products your lifting manipulations are safe.

Types of products:
  • Four-link chain slings
  • One-link chain slings
  • One-link cable slings
  • Ring cable slings
  • Four-link cable slings
  • Two-link cable slings
  • Two-link chain slings
  • Cable strands, etc.

13. Manufacturing of tube and pipe-rolling mill rolls and hardfacing of the working surface by welding

Rolls for tube and pipe rolling mills are produced, and advanced hardfacing welding technologies and high quality welding materials are used. The production of the rolls in accordance with our technology ensures the increase of service life as well as the multiply use of the rolls.

14. Manufacturing of lances for air hammers and parts of bodies of rotation

We produce lances for air hammers (chisel lance, pointed lance) and bodies of rotation. Due to the use of cross-wedge rolling method the perfect geometry is ensured. The heat treatment is carried out with forging heat, this provides the low production price.

Chisel lance, pointed lance, axis, shafts of multiple diameter Lances for air hammers, length up to 1200 mm  

15. Design and manufacturing of industrial electric furnaces

Autospecmach Ltd. designs and manufactures industrial furnaces, which are used at various machine building and metallurgical enterprises.


16. Design and manufacturing of programmable welding machines

Our company designs and manufactures programmable welding machines for in-house use and for use at other enterprises.

17.Manufacturing of flux cored welding wire

Thanks to high-skilled personnel, vast experience in solving technical tasks and developed manufacturing capabilities, we meet the requirements of the Customers.

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